What is World of Warcraft?

World of warcraft is a game which played online.

Players take the function of heroic and fantasy characters who want to explore a world of mysteries, endless adventures and magic. Simply it is a massively multiplayer internet game. Games which are in the grouped with world of warcraft are mostly known as MMORPGs. This means ‘Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game’.

To understand what the game is all about here are some tips;

A massively multiplayer

This is a situation where a game can accommodate several players simultaneously. A massively multiplayer game may have hundreds of players playing the same game, same time and they can even interact with one another.


In contrast to many internet games, MMORPGs does not have offline mode; there must be internet connections when the game is being played. Being a multiplayer game does not mean that it cannot be played by a single person; the fact is that you can play it solely but you must be online for you to enjoy the fun. The larger part of the game involves bands of players who work together with an aim of exploring dangerous dungeons in order to defeat strong monsters.

The playing role

In this game, every player has a particular set of abilities and skills which define the role of that character. For instance, mages are very powerful characters who have magic powers to cause damage to their foes from far although they are more exposed to attacks from enemies. These characteristics define the function played by the mage; doing damages, hang back and attempting to destroy the beasts before they get you.

In the context of a group, the game has three major roles:

  1. damage healer
  2. tank
  3. healer

As a player, you can opt to play as a protector or tank. Tanks are flexible and their role is to move the enemy’s concentration away from vulnerable members in his group. The mages are wonderful damage characters. There is also the priest who has magic healing powers. Although this character does not have much to do like other players, his work is very important as it keeps the group alive with his healing powers. It is important to know that all groups of players no matter the role they play can perform it solely.  There are also some groups which are limited to the type of part they can take. For example, rogues and warlocks are solely damage dealers. Others like Druid can play all the three roles.

Although you are not limited to one character, your main role is that of a hero. In your life, your job will be to brave hundreds of quests, find thousands of strong weapons, learn new abilities and skills, artifacts among others.

In short, you character becomes stronger as the game progresses and you continue to gain more experiences, new skills as well as stronger weapons. Your progress is directly stored online. This means that a player can pick from where he stopped the game. In fact the character’s information can be saved for a very long time and this enables you to play the game at your own pace. There are some players who go through the game at a high speed in order to complete it as fast as possible. Others take time to learn and understand each and every step. The choice depends on you.

After creating your character, there are two decisions which will profoundly affect the way World of Warcraft will be played. These are the race and class.

The race of a character determines the overall look of the player as well as his faction. The faction is very vital as only characters from the similar faction can communicate and cooperate. You cannot band or communicate with members from another faction.

The class determines the abilities of your character; dos and don’ts. Every class has different experiences and the perfect way to discover the right class is to create few different players so you can feel what every class is all about.

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